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It’s a Sale

One hot MILF came into the store looking at some dresses. Big racks and huge hot ass. She went to the dressing room to fit one dress. I hear call out I thought she needed assistance. She called out from behind the curtains that she needed my opinion. I said okay. Then she open the curtain and to my pleasant surprise there was no dress. It was her tits and her ass that she wanted my opinion about. I said you have hot tits and great ass. But seeing is not believing so she let me test out if her breasts would fit my hands and if my cock would fit in her pussy.

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From Jogging to Fucking

Marissa is hot Latina MILF.  We go jogging morning. Just look at her big tits and bad ass. One morning I teased her that we always go jogging but we never go fucking. laughed all the way to mace. Where she sucked my  cock and fucked her on the kitchen counter top.

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MILF Fucked from Poolside to Bedside

One hot afternoon this MILF decided to go to the pool. When she found a young dude enough to be her son lounging by the pool. No one else was there so she teased the boy.  She sucked his cock and she got fucked doggie style. It was not enough they even decided to get a room for another round of laps.

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High School Fucking Reunion

I went to an all girl Catholic school twenty years ago. I was surprised that my classmates  are still hot and gorgeous even through  the years. They are hot MILFs! I know with a few more sips of wine they can get tipsy. Maybe try  some experiments with tongue and dildo. I licked her pussy and fucked her with a dildo. It was an awesome fucking reunion.

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Brunette MILF Invaded in the Shower

Angelina was a new customer at the gym and she was assigned to me as her personal trainer. She says that she feels so old that she thinks she needs gym training. She is dead wrong she is the hottest MILF in the planet. I knew exactly what to do to get back her esteem. When she was in the shower I went in and she welcomed me as I fondled her gargantuan breasts,her hot ass and I fucked her and she was so beautiful and hot.

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Boardroom MILF

My big boss Meredith was one hot MILF. Big set of awesome racks, tight ass and a blonde bombshell. She assumed chairman of the board when her old husband died. Today as sales and marketing manager I have a presentation to make and it can make or break my career. Alone with her on the boardroom, the attraction was undeniable and I was surprised that she produced two tit clamps from her pocket and she said that for her to approve my proposal I should be able to put the clamps on her hot tits. I did more than that.

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Big Boobed Boss

Our boss was one hot big boobed MILF and she is really a bitch in the office. One day we made our presentation to her and today I decided that me and Budd should get our promotion. She liked it and we asked her to celebrate a little with some drinks.  She was way too tipsy and we  took her to a motel and made our fuck presentation into a hot threesome. We knew that she was one hot oil rig just waiting to burst and she did and so did our promotion.

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Movin In, Fuckin In

The new customer was a hot MILF and I was lucky to be  part of the team to assist her moving all her stuff to her new house. We  were kinda checking other out during the move and when we got to the new house she specifically called for me to help her some stuff in her room. Once we shut door, moving in became fucking in.

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Widow’s First Orgasm

My college buddy’s father passed away and I heard that he was really sick before he died. So, I went to the funeral and I met his mom for the first time. Damn his mom is  a MILF really bad for her as I can feel that since her husband was sick for along time there were hotness that was never steamed off. After the funeral I decided to check out my buddy to console him or anything, but I was surprised that I found his mom all alone at home and the next event went from hot to heavy to fuck. She was really hot her tits were still firm and her unshaven pussy still tasted like a young fish. I will never forget this funeral as there was also something else was buried that day.

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Mom’s Favorite Chore

I have always wondered why of all the chores in the house mom loved to clean the bathroom and it takes so long for her to finish cleaning up. And the sing song in her voice when she says “time to clean the bathroom”. One time I decided to check out and find out my self. She was not just cleaning bathroom tiles but her own hoe as well with the help of a toy.

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